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At this time we cannot appraise furniture online.
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What others are saying!

"I had been hanging on to my mother's Hummel Collection! I inherited it years ago! She loved them, but they just weren't my style. I've looked at books but I was told they were over inflated. Thanks so much for letting me know the real value of my collection, and for directing me to people who were interested in buying them from me! I've consigned my collection and made over $5,000.00 and now I KNOW I got a good price!" Joan Easton, Long Beach, NY

"I had some comic books that I've hung onto since I was a kid. I really had no idea what they were worth, but as it turns out, I had an early spider-man that was worth over $2000! Consigned it and it sold for over $3000! I nearly threw it out! I'm sure glad I contacted you!" Daniel Coxon, Madison Wisconsin

"I waited and waited for a roadshow to come near my town. Then, I found this site! I'm so glad I stopped waiting for them. I now know that my collection of Life Magazines isn't really worth much, so I'm going to stop worrying about them and start enjoying re-reading them!" Kathleen Armstrong, Pittsburgh, PA

OMG!!! you are AMAZING!!!!  you actually know things about this vase!!!  I am going to sit on this computer until I come up with something similar....Tammy.....BLESS YOU!  you are fantastic!!!! Stephanie Perez, PA

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